1.01 Work Includes:

A. Furnish pre-engineered aluminum railing and /or fencing system
B. System options include:

1. Nine standard top rail styles
2. Sixteen standard picket styles
3. Four standard channel styles
4. Five mount options

1.02 Reference Standards

A. IBC 2003, International Building Code/IRC 2003 International Residential Code*
B. ASTM, American Society of Testing and Materials
C. ADA, Americans Disabilities Act
D. NAAMM, National Association of Architectural Manufacturers
E. NOMMA, National Ornamental Miscellaneous Metal Association

1.03 Submittals

A. Provide shop drawings and product data under provisions of section (01300)
B. Indicate scope of project, component details, materials, finish, connection and joining methods, and relationship to adjoining work

1.04 Quality Assurance

A. Railing systems based upon Clem's Ornamental Iron Works product as a standard of quality
B. Design criteria: railing assemblies including top rail, channel, pickets, posts and connections) shall be designed to conform to National Building Codes* and load requirements

1.05 Delivery, Storage and Handling

A. Properly protected materials against damage to finished surfaces
B. Deliver materials to job site in good condition
C. Keep on site handling to a minimum -- exercise care to avoid damage to finish


2.01 Manufacturer: Clems Ornamental Iron Works, 110 Eleventh St., Picataway, NJ 08854

2.02 Materials

A. Extrusions to be 6063-T5 or T6, 6061-T6 or6005-T5 alloy aluminum
B. Fasteners to be zinc plated or stainless steel

2.03 Finishes

A. Baked polyester resin powder coating meets AAMA 2603-02 requirements
B. Achitect to selecdt color from manufacturer's standard colors

2.04 Fabrication

A. Railings and/or fencing to be shop fabricated and assembled per approved shop drawings to the greatest extent possible. Assembly shall be in a neat, craftsmanship manner in accordance with the highest industry standards.
B. Fasteners to be concealed as much as design will allow
C. Picket and post spacings set in accordance with National Building Codes
D.Field splices to be minimized as much as possible, depending on parameters set by material, finish, and shipping
E. General contractor to verify dimensions on site prior to fabrication


3.01 Installation

A. Install product in accordane with final shop drawings and manufacturer's instructions
B. Erect product plumb, square and level, free from distorion or defects detrimental to appearance or performance

3.02 Cleaning

A. As installation is completed, wash railing and/or fencing using clean water and soap; rinse with water
B. Do not use acid solutions, steel wool, or other harsh abrasives

* Customer is responsible for conformance to applicable construction codes.

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