All of Clem’s metal fabrications are protected by a “powder coating” process that is recognized in the industry as the most robust and enduring protection for aluminum and iron products.

A high-quality, environmentally-compliant polyester powder is sprayed as a thick film onto the metal fabrication where the coating electrostatically adheres and conforms to every square inch and nuanced feature of the fabrication. Via an overhead conveyor system the coated object is baked and cured in a high heat oven to form a smooth, durable, and attractive finish.

Available in a wide variety of designer colors, gloss levels and textures, powder coating offers superior protection over conventional liquid based coatings -- excellent coating uniformity without sags, drip marks and surface irregularities, where the extra film thickness and superior edge coverage provides enhanced protection against the elements of nature and corrosion. This baked-on finish resists cracking, peeling, and marring with reduced porosity and surface imperfections. Since no primers or solvents are used in the process, powder coating meets EPA standards and is environmentally friendly as well.
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